Louis Farrakhan has been low key since President Barack Obama was elected. Lately he has been more vocal in addressing the Obama presidency. I guess he’s seen enough. At Tavis Smiley’s "We Count! The Black Agenda is the America Agenda" symposium, Minister Louis Farrakhan in response to a question by Smiley said ‘Barack Obama does not run the country’. Farrakhan emphasized the need for blacks to organize an agenda to facilitate benefiting from the Obama presidency. That would mean moving Obama to favor a black agenda in a political environment.

As of now, that agenda does not exist. Even worse, if you’re a black doctor or professional making over $100,000. The ‘cash for clunkers’ program probably didn’t help you. Obama is being pulled from so many sides that for blacks to get any respect from the Obama administration, they will have to get organized. Unfortunately that is not the black communities strong point. In fact it’s the weakest point. From a political stand point African Americans are the best at reacting. That’s not going to work this time around.

Members of the panel for Tavis Smiley Presents ‘We Count!’ The Black Agenda is the American Agenda",Father Michael Pfleger, Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Tom Burrell, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Michael Fauntroy, Ron Walters, Raven Curling, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Tavis Smiley, Angela Glover Blackwell and Dorothy Wright Tillman.

Farrakhan reiterated that he loves Barack Obama. He did not want the media to misconstrue his words.



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