Obama to Sign Health Care Reform Into Law Tuesday MorningRoll Call

President Barack Obama will sign health care reform into law late Tuesday morning and all lawmakers who supported the bill are invited to attend the ceremony, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday.

What does the health care bill mean to me? Washington Post

The health-care overhaul will change the way millions of Americans get health insurance and require nearly everyone to have health insurance or face penalties. A number of factors – including income, age, location and family size – will determine how it specifically impacts your life. This tool looks at what it could mean for your health coverage and taxes based on your income, family size and current insurance status.

Senate Democrats get favorable rulingPolitico

A ruling by Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin handed Democrats a major victory Monday night, beating back a GOP push to declare a key tax proposal in the health care bill out of order.

First wave of health-care changes will target insurers with new rulesWashington Post

In affixing his signature Tuesday to comprehensive health-care legislation, President Obama will set in motion a fundamental shift across a sprawling industry, from insurers who will face an expanding list of restrictions to hospitals and doctors confronted with new incentives to practice more-efficient care.

‘Fix-it’ bill: Final fight on health care front USA Today

Senate Democrats vowed to start debate today on a series of changes to President Obama’s landmark health care legislation, launching the final battle in the year-long effort to revamp the nation’s health insurance system.

Unions irked at Space over health care ‘no’ vote Newark Advocate

Two unions representing tens of thousands of Ohio workers said Monday they would no longer support the state’s only Democratic congressman to oppose President Barack Obama’s health care bill.

Nelson to oppose reconciliation package, cites student lendingThe Hill

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) said Monday he would vote against a reconciliation package that included changes to healthcare reform and student lending legislation.

Republicans Face Drawbacks of United Stand on Health Bill New York Times

Passage of the health care legislation challenges the heart of the Republicans’ strategy this year: To present a unified opposition to big Democratic ideas, in this case expressed in a stream of bristling anger and occasional mischaracterizations of what the bill would do.


Why The Vote Changes The Health Care Debate ForeverJon Cohn

So said Jim DeMint, the Republican senator and presidential hopeful, speaking one day after health care reform passed the House of Representatives, clearing the final legislative hurdle to enactment. And it’s a sentiment you hear a lot on the right these days. Over the last week or so, as passage seemed ever more likely, Republicans moved from denial to anger: If they couldn’t stop this bill from becoming a law, they would stop the law from taking effect.

The Big Change MomentMike Lux

You know, for all the ups and downs of this process, for all the compromises we had to make to get here, when you see the tens of millions of dollars insurance companies were pouring into lies to defeat this bill, and see John Lewis called a nigger, and Barney Frank called a fag, and see all supporters of this bill called Stalinist, it makes you pretty confident you’re on the right side of history.

Vote of weakness: Altmire betrays the Democrats and his district Post-Gazette

When history came calling, Jason Altmire turned away.

CNN Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Bill Or Wish It Was More "Liberal"Media Matters

Echoing many on the right, Newt Gingrich today sent an email claiming, "In every recent poll the vast majority of Americans opposed this monstrosity."

Why The Republicans’ Efforts To Invalidate Health Care Reform Will Likely Fail Think Progress

Republicans are responding to last night’s historic passage of health care reform legislation by threatening to run a campaign to repeal it. In fact, moments after the House passed the bill, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) told protesters, “tomorrow, we’re going to file a discharge petition at the desk. We’re going to get every Republican to sign it and anybody else. If we get 218 signatures, Nancy Pelosi is forced to bring the repeal bill to the floor for a vote.” “Because we are putting the marker down now. We’re going to continue to fight to repeal this thing and we’re filing it tomorrow,” Bachmann added.

Constitutional Objections to Health ReformMatt Yglesias

A surprising number of grassroots rightwingers have been misled by the erstwhile intellectual and political leaders of the conservative movement into believing that there’s a viable constitutional challenge to health reform. This has become kind of a feedback loop, where politicians seeking conservative bona fides need to pretend to believe in the viability of the constitutional challenge even to the point of having state Attorneys-General file frivolous lawsuits in defense of the status quo. The more that conservative elites indulge these fantasies, the more the grassroots believes in them. Which makes it all the harder for elites to bring themselves back into line.

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