Mad at the mess Democrats made out of Health Care Reform? Want to get revenge on a particularly odious member of the species? Check this out:

Dan Lipinski, an anti-choice Democrat who voted against Health Care Reform even after Stupak caved in, was eager to have his father grease his way to "inheriting" his Congresssional seat in 2004 because he is an otherwise uninsurable diabetic.

So says Chicago Sun-Times political gossip columnist Michael Sneed:

Huh? Sneed hears one big reason U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, the lone Dem Illinois dissenter on the health-care bill, was anxious for his incumbent dad to hand his job over to him was ‘cuz he was on a leave of absence from his job, was diabetic, and in need of good health-care insurance.

It’s ironic? "Doesn’t it seem Lipinski would want others who shared similar problems to also have a shot at good health insurance," a Dem source said. "They didn’t have daddy to help them." Ouch.

It is really too bad that Illinois has already had its 2010 primary. I know that Lipinski trounced primary opponents in 2006 and 2008 I know it’s twice as hard going against the Chicago machine, but this story could be political dynamite.

It is not too late for an independent to get on the ballot. The filing deadline is June 21. This is one seat where I wouldn’t mind taking the risk of such a challenge leading to a Republican getting in for a term.

While I am not a big fan in general of these sorts of campaigns, this particular opportunity intrigues me. It might take off virally and it’s certainly timely – on the grounds of Health Care Reform, Women’s Right to Choose, and the general scumminess of Lipiniski, who owes his job to nepotism. This is a job for the Left. Mainstream Democrats won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.