Chris Bowers wrote on Friday that the DCCC poured over $14 million dollars into members of Congress who looked to be voting No on the health care bill. That number has changed with the final numbers – Donnelly and Driehaus voted for the bill. However, Altmire, Space and Teague, who all voted against the bill, cost the DCCC around $2 million in IE costs.

In addition, the DCCC has spent innumerate amounts of money on anti-choice Democrats (around $6.7 million on just four in 2008 alone), whose rigidity on that issue very nearly sunk the health care bill and hijacked the debate. This is in contravention to the party platform and stated goals of Democratic Party leaders on choice.

Even if you dislike the legislation, the DCCC basically poured millions of dollars into representatives that simply don’t support a major part of the Democratic platform and agenda. If they had to be “released” to protect their re-election efforts, they serve no purpose whatsoever as part of the caucus, and wasting millions on them only complicates the party brand and future efforts at real reform.

As for the anti-choice bloc led by Bart Stupak, they also benefit from party money despite their opposition to a major plank of the platform which affects a large majority of the party rank-and-file – women. That’s why CREDO has blasted their list with a plea to the DCCC: stop funding these members of Congress.

Whether or not you support the health care bill in its final version, it is important to note that it will restrict the ability of women to find private insurance that covers abortions. Furthermore, passage of the bill also depended on an executive order by President Obama promising to put the full weight of the executive branch behind restrictions on federal abortion funding that the entire choice community have been fighting for decades.

How could this happen when Democrats have a commanding majority in the House backed up by a pro-choice president in the White House?

It’s in large part because the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), charged with electing Democrats to the House, spends millions of dollars to help to elect and re-elect politicians who vote against women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose.

Tell the Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the head of the DCCC: Until the DCCC stops supporting politicians who vote against choice and against women’s rights, he can stop counting on us for financial support. Click here to automatically add your name to our petition.

Without leaders in the anti-choice movement like Bishop Stupak in positions of power, the debate wouldn’t have been sidetracked into a PR-fest for restricting women’s health choices. And twelve of the D-Trip’s current “frontline” candidates – who will receive the lion’s share of their funding – voted for the Stupak amendment.

In addition to targeting the D-Trip, CREDO targets the source of much of their funding – other Democratic members of Congress. Pro-Choice Caucus members sow the seeds of their own destruction by funding an organization bringing more anti-choice members into Congress. If they have individual candidates who align with their values, their PACs can support them individually. But supporting the D-Trip seems wrong.

As CREDO notes, “Rep. Chris Van Hollen is the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He is solidly pro-choice — with a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. But the DCCC spends millions of dollars electing anti-choice Democrats and defending them once they’re in office. This has got to stop.”

David Dayen

David Dayen

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