Was it over when the Germans sucked Pearl Harbor’s balls!? Well?

Perky teabagging nitwit Dana Loesch is not going to take the TAKEOVER OF HER COUNTRY LYING DOWN, GODDAMIT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST SHIT PISS .

As in:

Yesterday was my son’s 9th birthday and for his present, the government jacked his future. As he sat in the floor and happily opened his gifts, Bart Stupak appeared on television and revealed that he’d sold his soul. The joy was sucked from the room, but my son didn’t notice – thank God for innocence. The faces of the adults in the room fell as Stupak held his presser, as Pelosi gained another YES vote for health control.

The scene was an eerie replay for me; eight-and-a-half years ago that same boy sat in his bouncy seat while cooing and kicking his legs as his father and I watched the twin towers crumble to dust on live television. The feeling was the same.

A lot of people ask why I and others do what we do.

The scene I just described is my answer.

Because… a soulless Bart Stupak is going to fly a plane into a Chuck E. Cheese full of fetuses? I’m confused.

Oh wait…

We lost this battle, not because we didn’t fight, not because we were silent, but because the Socialists in congress don’t care about us or our will.

This battle. There are many battles in a war. We have faced worse, patriots. We have, many times, faced what appeared to be unwinnable situations.

My grandfather served as a gunner aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific theater during WWII. He spoke of how demoralized our country was after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and took out our entire Pacific fleet.

I thought about how God delivered the Israelites from Egypt.

I thought about how this country rallied the dawn after 9-11 when I woke up and saw flags hanging from the ticky-tacky houses all up and down my street.

I thought of how Great Britain, rallied by Winston Churchill, fought off the German invasion.

Or how Ulysses S. Grant pressed on after his first lost[sic].

How many men and women have shed blood for this country? How many patriots took to the streets to defend this country blessed by God? Don’t you dare give up, patriots. Don’t you dare make their sacrifices in vain because you’re afraid of battle. Take no prisoners, suffer no fools, never surrender.

I think incorporating the best of Animal House and Galaxy Quest into a call to arms is full of win.

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