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This Just In: Right-Wingers Still Wrong about Everything

I really do live for moments like this.

Glenn Reynolds:


John Hawkins:

Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and a lot of other liberals are talking tough on health care, but the reality is that Scott Brown’s election is probably going to kill it deader than the dodo.


Take it for granted, they were told, that one political party would promote the welfare of all Americans. It just wasn’t so.

That’s why Obamacare is dead.

American Spectator:

Obamacare is dead. The politicians, journalists and bloggers who continue to talk about passing “reform” via reconciliation or some other procedural skullduggery are like those characters in the comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s, who lug a corpse around pretending it’s still alive.

Reason [sic]:

I’d say that chances are that Democrats will to have to call off their health care reform efforts shortly—perhaps even by the end of the day tomorrow.


Obamacare is going down.


ObamaCare will fail in the House next week.

Never in doubt.

(Video courtesy of El Rushbo)

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