The Billionaires for Wealthcare thanked Senator Mitch McConnell for his outstanding obstructionism by showering him with real cash. Anticipating his ‘no’ vote on health care reform, the Billionaires offered him an advance on contributions from Big Insurance.

Insurance industry executives at the Billionaires wanted to make sure Senator McConnell was given a very public show of support from his financial supporters.

“Senator McConnell, thank you for all your hard work – here’s a little something extra from the insurance industry” The Billionaires shouted as they tossed their bills. “Vote ‘no’ to kill health care reform and there’s more on the way!”

You can hear a random Tea Partier call us ‘dumbasses,’ although he later took some of the cash meant for Senator McConnell.

Of course, the cash tossed Sunday is a drop in the bucket compared to the quarter-billion dollar torrent unleashed by the industry and its allies to stop reform. The financial onslaught included 5 million dollars a week, and enough money to pay for 6 lobbyists for each Member of Congress.

“We’re glad to finally go public with our support" said Clay M. Denyed. "Besides, confetti is cheap – we know that only money means anything to the GOP.”