Last week, among the sturm und drang of the health insurance reform “thingy”, Aunt Toby had a couple of ‘light bulb moments’ with regard to the fight, Congress, and why things are so screwed up:

First: no matter how much money we have or give to people who wrap themselves in the Progressive flag, as soon as someone (and I guess I have to call corporations ‘someone’ these days) comes along with a bigger checkbook, they’re doing something ELSE with that Progressive flag and we…are..toast. We just do not have enough money to keep these ‘streetwalkers’ loyal. They will not ‘stay’ bought.

Second: As long as Democrats are not willing to stand their ground with regard to liars and Republicans (and y’all can figure out the permutations and combinations of those items), and perhaps even take a bite out of a few of them, we…are..toast.

Third: It’s time to start putting some representatives into Congress who will stand their ground, chew on legislation, support the small, the weak, and the poor, raise a ruckus when necessary…and perhaps even sniff a few crotches.

I give you, Buddy. Buddy is the injured guard dog in New Mexico who limped into a hospital ER and would not leave. I figure any creature who can figure out where to go when he’s hurt, figure out one of those auto-open doors, won’t leave until something gets done, convinces the staff to call someone who CAN help him and then gets ‘er done, deserves a shot at Congress.

Think about it: Loyal. Knows where his next meal is coming from. Trainable. Would raise a howl when something’s wrong.

And would ‘sit’, “speak” and “stay” (bought). I don’t know what party’s card he’s got, but he’s definitely registered and seems like someone we can work with. Anyone interested in starting a signature campaign?

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