CRUSH: Sonic the Hedgehog

Mid-March means many things: The death of Caesar, spring break, and the conclusion of SXSW. CRUSH takes the best of what happened in social media, and serves it up hot, in about 3 minutes. Among other things, we found Sonic the Hedgehog this week.

What was the coolest thing to come out of South by Southwest Interactive? While Twitter’s "@Anywhere" shows some promise, our money is on Aardvark, the social networking tool that lets you pose a question to your networks, and finds the best person to give you an answer.

Not featured at SXSW this year, but sure to make a splash when it is: The new app from the Iphone that lets you form an instant social network with the people around you wherever you are.

In other news, Facebook ads are getting more expensive since the news came out that Facebook beat Google for the number one spot in Weekly U.S. web traffic last week.

On to politics…Healthcare has passed! And in addition to the massive email traffic that urged everyone to contact congress, Organizing for America scored in our book for being the site meant to personalize reform.

On the other hand (and on the other coast) Carly Fiorina’s California senate campaign may be trying to ingratiate itself with some folks in Humboldt County, because we suspect her latest political web ads are – well – chemically induced.

Finally – Sonic the hedgehog lives, and you got to see it to believe it.

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