While watching a video of Tea Party supporters being interviewed, I was struck by a man who said that sick people should "put their faith in Jesus to heal them." I instantly thought of a passage from the Bible (Matthew 25:31-46) where Jesus specially commands his followers to take care of the sick, the poor, and the prisoners. In fact, he seems to think this is the greatest thing they could do.

Here’s another video that I found on Youtube, made by an unidentified church youth group, which dramatizes the Matthew passage:

I love three things about this video:

1) It shows that the man in the Tea Party video does not speak for all Christians (and does not even represent a majority).

2) It speaks a message of compassion and justice that appeals to people of all faiths and non-faith. "Take care of the least of these." What could be more simple and more powerful than that?

What’s on your mind tonight?

Jim Moss

Jim Moss