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The Last Democratic Hurrah?

The House has passed ObamaCare with applause and clapping. But it will be the last Democratic hurrah for decades. The bill dooms the party come November and will dog them for many elections thereafter.

The final House vote was 219 to 212 so Obama brought in the Stupak 7 with his pledge to sign an Executive Order pledging no federal funds would be used for elective abortion. That a Democratic President would sign such an order is in itself an abomination, that a Democratic president who campaigned on womens rights is, well, an Obama abomination. See KarenM’s diary, running simultaneously here at FDL, on his campaign promises. That is shocking but expected given the dismal failures and lies of this presidency.

But while the party is celebrating now, come November they will be crying and pleading for support from anyone and everybody. A mandated sellout to the insurance industry just isn’t going to hack it with the American people and it will become more and more apparent over time that this is not real reform but propping up a sick, for profit, insurance industry. The reliable, nonprofit, nonpartisan website shows Obama getting failing marks on health care reform: 52.1% disapprove of Obama’s job performance on health care, only 40.7% approve. This will only get worse once the people find out what’s in the bill. As one pundit told the New York Times:

“But once people discover that their Medicare taxes are going up, that there are deeper cuts in Medicare Advantage, that there are court challenges to many provisions, and that the process of getting it passed created a portrait of corruption, it won’t sit well.”

It hasn’t sat well so far and we still don’t know all the details of this murky bill. The Democrats slavish capitulation to the antiabortion group led by Stupak doesn’t portend well.

Like everything Obama has done so far, this is make-believe reform that is really designed to make people believe that change has arrived. But it hasn’t. The change will be for the worse. Obama’s already pulled the same deceptive stunt on us with the wars, the bailouts, unemployment, the "closing" of Gitmo and just about everything else. Social security "reform" will be next.

But Obama’s gig and that of his Democrats will be up in November. Impeachment proceedings against Obama in the new Republican dominated House will likely start early next year coupled with widespread investigations of the administration.

Pay back time is coming soon for the Democrats so you’d better celebrate today.

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