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Food Sunday: Food News You Can Use

From the “Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more dumb” – we have double muscled trout? Another answer to a question that is not being asked.

Bees:New York City beekeepers still hiding out pending Health Dept. vote. And, here is the update: All you refugee and guerrilla beekeepers in New York City: You  and your bees can come out now. NYC Health Dept. Votes ‘Yes’

More Bees: The real question here, IMHO, is that what you have inside a hive when they are swarming is the old queen, a brand new queen and her consorts, a whole lot of babysitters in various stages of maturity who do not have a clue as to how to fly. What’s the mechanism to give the babysitters the ‘hurry up and get ready to go” orders? Must be some sort of pheromone or something.

The USDA has finally decided to figure out the connection between food stamps and obesity. Sheesh. Aunt Toby could tell them that in 30 seconds: Lack of access to good fresh food AND the economic principle that if you have a limited amount of money/credits to buy stuff to eat, you are going to secure as many calories for your family as you can get. But what the heck.

“We’re not ALL hyenas out here”: “Through the [Family to Family]program, prosperous families from San Francisco help [14]families living in this blue-collar Genesee County community outside of Flint. In addition to contributing about $31 a month for the food, the California families also send monthly packages they’ve put together themselves. “

“It really might be better for kids to take a home made lunch to school” –“ Research presented this past weekend at a meeting of the Annual College of Cardiology determined that kids who eat lunches served by their schools are almost 60 percent more likely to be overweight or obese when compared to children who bring their lunch from home. The survey of nearly 1,300 Michigan-based sixth graders, taken over three years, also found that school lunch eaters ate more fat-intensive meats and sugar, as well as fewer vegetables than their counterparts—which contributed to them showing elevated levels of bad cholesterol in their bloodstreams.”

(and by the way, is a great site)

Land exposed after the San Francisco earthquake in 1989 is being used as an urban farm. Somehow I don’t think Cali DOT is going to get around to rebuilding those on and off ramps to nowhere any time soon.

And, in suffocatingly local food news:

The Little Red Hen Sits Out: Still waiting – this week, supposedly (the chicks hatch or the roosters get it).

Warming up the garden bed: We covered one of the beds with old windows we had laying around (I still think plastic would have been better but we’re all about using what’s laying around here). Soil temperature before we covered it earlier this week:  39 degrees F. Yesterday (last nice sunny day here), 46 degrees F. As soon as the soil hits 50 degrees, I’ll be sowing seeds for lettuces, kale, various members of the cabbage family. The bad news is that I saw a rabbit this morning looking at the bed. From what I could see, it was carrying a concealed glass cutter.

To Come (or “tk” as we used to say in the printing trade): Chicks and turkey poults: first week of May.

Until the next time, have a good week. Eat something fresh.

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