The executive order Obama released today effectively rescinds rights the Supreme Court previously extended to over half the people in America.

Looking strictly at numbers (rather than degrees of evil), that’s far more than the proportion of Americans FDR disenfranchised when he interned Japanese Americans.

Obama’s EO disenfranchises a far greater proportion of Americans than were cruelly and wholly disenfranchised under slavery.

In terms of sheer proportion of the population of America disenfranchised by their Presidents, our nation last saw so many robbed of their freedoms over the decades during which the American army largely exterminated the Native Americans.

What a cruel and bitter joke identity politics has played upon us all. Today America’s first person of color in the Oval Office robbed a greater part of our neighbors of their rights than at any time since the Great White Fathers in their White House made war upon the First Peoples.

Today when Obama decreed women must lose their reproductive freedom, who gained? This morning Jane had the answer:

Women’s reproductive rights are being sacrificed for corporate profits. There’s no other way to say it.

Hey – at least Obama’s consistent. He’s the finance and insurance sectors’ faithful servant. The Hamilton Project chose their candidate wisely.

Kirk Murphy

Kirk Murphy

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chordate, bipedal, warm-blooded, mammalian, placental (origin), opposable thumbs.

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