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Obama and Congress are the real healthcare advocates

Obama and the Democrats are taking unfair criticism over the health care debate. It should be pretty obvious to most people that in order to get more healthcare reform in the future we need to pass this insurance reform bill now! Sure we will be forced to buy private health insurance, but look at the bright side we will have more people insured. This will lead to greater reform in the future.

Obama and this democratic congress will be known as the greatest healthcare advocates we have known since Roosevelt. They just see the bigger picture. They know that congress or the Republicans would never expect the middle class to pay more than 8% of their income on health insurance.

The previous democrats in congress congress new the same thing back in 2006 when they passed the law opening up another 8 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore drilling.
They knew by allowing this increased offshore drilling the Republicans would be satisfied and they could protect our Oceans.

So don’t you care about those 30 million additonal people that will have health insurance. We all know the insurance industry will be satisfied with just 8% of your income. What are they going to do in the future lobby for more? So what if the democrats let it go up to 15% it is way better than the 25% the Rebublicans will want.

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