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Late Night: The Tea-Bagged Face of American Patriotism

It was quite the spectacle in DC today, as the Tea-Baggers descended upon the capitol in order to protest “socialism” being rammed down their throats. Presumably they prefer instead things that are dangled. A very excited but characteristically confused Jim Hoft squeals delightedly that the Tea-Bag rally numbered 100,000 souls, and to prove it, links to a Fox News story saying that the crowd topped out at 25,000. Of course Fox’s source was none other than Michele Bachmann, so who knows. Later, Hoft scaled back his estimate to 30,000, and complained that the anti-war demonstrations a few years ago in DC got loads of positive media, even though in his world, the anti-war demonstrations never made it past the “thousands” mark. Like I said, he’s deeply confused.

Hoft also proudly shows us some fascinating pictures of a Tea-Bag rally outside Russ Carnahan’s St. Louis office, where protesters set fire to Carnahan’s picture, threw shoes at his picture, and threatened him with tar-and-feathering. Meanwhile, back in the Capitol, Tea-Bagger patriots were calling for gun violence as a response to the passage of healthcare legislation they don’t like, and also calling Barney Frank a “faggot” and Andre Carson and John Lewis “niggers.” And also this happened:

After that incident, Capitol police threatened to expel the protesters from the building, but were outnumbered and quickly overwhelmed. Tea party protesters equipped with high-end video cameras were summoned to film the encounter and the officers ultimately relented.

I will remind you that, as per Jonah Goldberg, the people closest to acting like fascists nowadays are Wellseley-educated elementary school teachers. I will also remind you that the official police response to protesters during the 2004 GOP convention in NYC was rather different.

To his credit, Tim Ryan denounced the epithet-hurling. (Hilariously, Ryan actually uses the term “tea-bagger” protesters.)

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