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Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives – Book Salon Preview

Saturday, March 20, 2010 5:00pm Eastern

Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives

Chat with Catherine Lutz and Anne Lutz Fernandez about their new book.

Carjacked is an in-depth look at our obsession with cars. While the automobile’s contribution to global warming and the effects of volatile gas prices is widely known, the problems we face every day because of our cars are much more widespread and yet much less known — from the surprising $14,000 that the average family pays each year for the vehicles it owns, to the increase in rates of obesity and asthma to which cars contribute, to the 40,000 deaths and 2.5 million crash injuries each and every year.

Carjacked details the complex impact of the automobile on modern society and shows us how to develop a healthier, cheaper, and greener relationship with cars.

"Carjacked should be required reading for anyone with a driver’s license. It lays out the ways that bigger, faster and more plentiful cars on the road have altered America in dramatic way, influencing foreign policy, infrastructure investment, national health and personal wealth. If we wish to drive into a better future, rather than collide with it head on, it’s time to address our addiction to the automobile – and this book is the perfect starting place." – Leigh Stringer, president of Advance Strategies and author of The Green Workplace

"Exceptionally well-researched and passionately, yet logically, argued, Carjacked will make you rethink your relationship not only with your car, but with the entire economic and physical infrastructure that has built up around it. While acknowledging our love of cars, it offers practical advice on how to ensure that the relationship is affordable, beneficial and sustainable, both for individuals and for society." – Cleo Paskal, Associate Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs and author of Global Warring

Catherine Lutz is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studiesat Brown University where she holds a joint appointment with the Department of Anthropology. As an author and editor, Professor Lutz has published nine books.

Anne Lutz Fernandez is a former marketer and investment banker with fifteen years of corporate experience. She is an English teacher in Westport, Connecticut. (

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