This was somewhat expected, but multiple outlets are reporting that John Boccieri is a Yes on the health care reform bill. James Clyburn named Boccieri, a freshman, as one of his targets last week.

Boccieri has planned a news conference today to announce his vote: the live feed will apparently be here.

If true, and I suspect it is, Democrats are up to 194 yes votes, with 208 No votes. With leaners, it’s the same: 203-211.

More when I have it.

UPDATE: Boccieri is speaking now. He says that this is “a difficult time for our nation.” He says that he’s voting for it.

UPDATE II: While Boccieri’s move was expected, Peter DeFazio’s grumbling was not.

10:45 AM ET: Liberal Dem angry, threatening ‘no’ vote. Rep. Peter Defazio (D-OR) tells HuffPost’s Ryan Grim that he currently opposes the health care bill because House leaders removed a measure addressing the geographic imbalance of Medicare spending. Defazio is furious and claims he will oppose the health care bill unless the fix is put it back in (he said he’s also angry about stripping the public option). A word of caution though: Defazio often makes noise like this before votes, so he’s not a definite ‘no’ until his vote is cast — but he was certainly animated.

I wouldn’t spend too much time on that if I were the House leadership.

David Dayen

David Dayen