Crypto-Jews, Crypto Evil-Mutants

Via io9, a funny story about an, uh, editing error in a 1998 issue of Wolverine that saw the Viper call Sabretooth a kike. I had no idea the character was supposed to be Jewish — he’s a really tall dude with flowing blond hair and no known history of sinus trouble or nearsightedness, though in fairness he tends to complain — but now I want to pitch Marvel a storyline about Sabretooth quitting the Likud to run for a Knesset seat on the Yisrael Beiteinu slate. Sabra, who in the comic will have reluctantly abandoned Labor for Kadima — she’s a pragmatist and wants to ensure that a viable opposition party continues to support a two-state solution — thwarts his nefarious plans.

Meanwhile, while I suspect Kitty Pryde would be a J Street supporter, it would be a better story to make her a down-the-line liberal who’s like a ZOA psychopath on Israel stuff. She must get a lot of anti-Obama email forwards. Nightcrawler is uncomfortable with Kitty’s hysterica but decides it would be too vexed to confront Kitty about it and slinks off-panel.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman