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The DC Pelosi ENDA 8 – GetEQUAL heroes arrested after sit-in at Speaker's office

UPDATE (11:48PM ET): @GetEQUAL: The ENDA 4 from DC action have just been released without bail.

Just in, from DC Agenda (an aside – has anyone seen MSM reports on this direct action yet?):

Five activists demanding congressional action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act were arrested Thursday evening at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office in D.C.

The arrests came about four hours after the activists arrived at Pelosi’s office for a prescheduled meeting with staff to discuss ENDA. It was not immediately clear what charges the activists faced.

Janine Carmona with

“Nancy Pelosi’s made a lot of promises around the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and we haven’t seen movement on it. The bill has stopped and we’re essentially going to ask for a vote at the end of the month on a trans-inclusive and trans-positive” bill.In response to the protest, Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill issued a brief statement.

What was Speaker Pelosi’s response:

“The speaker believes passing ENDA is a top priority and hopes that we can bring ENDA up as soon as possible,” he said. “That being said, the right time to bring the measure to the floor will be when we have the votes.”

The Tweets from GetEQUAL:

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