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Fanfare for the Common Ass****

If you could play Aaron Copeland’s Copland’s classic tribute to the ordinary citizen using only one hand and your armpit — you might approach the intellectual quality of Megan McArdle’s discourse on public behavior.

You may have already seen this…Ohio teabaggers show kindness and affection toward an individual with parkinson’s disease, obviously influenced by noted humanitarian Rush Limbaugh:

To be sure, the people mocking the counter-protester come across as louts. But their behavior doesn’t exactly seem to be out of bounds by the standards of protest and counterprotesters…No matter how frail his condition, could the fellow on the ground possibly have been seriously endangered by having two bills hurled his way?

I’d certainly be willing to take such harsh treatment from the nice folks at Progress Ohio.

Yes, mocked, abused and patronized for a serious disability or illness is the price you pay for not being “put down” or something in Megan’s libertarian paradise. And among the right-wing, she was the classy one. Awesome.

Megan is willing to have people throw money at her in Columbus, Ohio? She could likely find the perpetrators of this abuse here — so have at it McArdle..

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