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Dan Choi and James Pietrangelo in jail – no phone call, and Park Police will not release on bail

So who is the entity playing hardball with these patriotic LGBT service members who called for repeal of DADT with direct action today? This sounds like something out of the Bush Administration. John @ Americablog:

Dan’s representative just called the DC Central Cellblock, where Dan and James are being held. I’m told it’s a nasty place. They report that they’re not giving Dan a phone call. So he doesn’t get bail. He’s reportedly going to see a judge tomorrow. Something is going on.

UPDATE: We have more information. This is increasingly disturbing. It increasingly looks as though someone has decided to play hardball with Dan and James. The Park Police say that Dan is not being released on bail. Dan also has not made his phone call to the person designed to pay his bail – the person’s phone number is written on Dan’s arm, so there’s no chance he doesn’t have it. That means that Dan apparently is not being permitted a phone call, and thus not being permitted to have anyone pay his bail. Why not? We have just learned that Dan is in fact being charged with “failure to obey a lawful order,” yet that charge usually means you get processed, you pay bail, and you leave. Then why are they not letting Dan Choi leave, but instead are holding him to be arraigned? Why are they apparently not permitting Dan his phone call?

Oh — I forgot to do my own speculating. I suspect that at least Dan will be taken out by military police and charged under military rules. Will there be a military perp walk — one can only hope cameras will be there for that — all occurring on this President’s watch.

* Breaking: Lt. Dan Choi chains himself to White House fence during DADT protest; arrested

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