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Courage and Consequence: What if the Regressive Neo-Cons are Right?

One has to tip their cap to Karl Rove, not many people can carry to their grave the epitaph that their name has been entered as an adjective in the Oxford English Dictionary as synonymous with a Straussian, Noble Lie, brand of politics that ushered in a new era of regressive neo-conservatism.

In fact, it is a deft piece of Rovian politicking that the man of Courage and Consequence referenced in Rove’s memoir is no the author, but George W. Bush.

That the book is timed to surf the surging meme of Tea Party Terrorism and sustain regressive momentum for the 2010-midterm elections, is another testament to Rove’s dedication to the Regressive wing of the Republican Party that he helped shape. Rove the memoirist is dutifully playing his part in the rotating firing squad that is our fickle two party duopoly: a circus side show passing itself off as Representative Democracy.

The book settles some scores and preaches to the converted, so it is a shame that few liberals, should they sneak a peek while sipping a latte at their locally owned independent bookstore, consider the horrific question:

What if the Regressives are right?

What if the only answer to the dwindling oil reserves and religious fanatics intermingling with the American Spirit to own more, get bigger, better, richer, is to dominate the chess board of world politics so that when the trigger for World War Three does go off, God will bless the USA in granting her the best endgame strategy? What if torture, imperialism, and the waging of illegal and immoral wars in far off lands do afford us the luxury of our American Style of living? What if the commonly tossed off show of respect to fallen U.S soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, that they “died protecting our freedom”, was not such a load of propaganda?

What if, my brothers and sisters on the left, Karl Rove is right?

If he is right, then his Straussian ethos, the idea that in politics there is such a thing as a Noble Lie (such as lies that lead us into the Iraq war), that in politics it is neccesary to lie to the unwashed masses, that our current foreign policy is a variation on what the founding fathers called manifest destiny. If this is true, then “When history was written,” as W. famously said referring to the book of history in the past tense “the final page will say victory was achieved by the united states of achieved by the united states of America for America for the good of the world.”

Victory by the U.S. for the good of the world. Sounds like Manifest Destiny’s Child.

If that final page in history plays out as George Bush envisioned, his vision – no doubt- shaped by Rove- then the start of that last chapter will certainly be the final days of World War 2. Fat Man and Little Boy, the pet names for the two atomic bombs that incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wiping out more human life in a flash of an eyelash than ever before in human history, established America as the baddest mother F&^KER on the block.

The progressive movement had a moment- in the 60’s when the tide was almost turned. When we almost got to live out the destiny of another book of history. However, in the five-year period between 1963 and 1968, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr were all killed. Now, whether or not you believe they were men with ear pieces and black suits who knew 17 different languages and 17 different forms of kung fu and backroom meetings and exchanges of large cash that led up to the killings of these four men is besides the point.

Whether or not there was an actual organization or an actual conspiracy, there was cultural/political force that silenced Kennedy, Kennedy, King, and Malcolm. The results of those four leaders being killed in such a short amount of time is that Americans collectively put their tale between their legs, their heads down, and they did what they were told. Where we are today- our illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is the result of those four men being killed. Don’t kid yourself.

What if there were a cultural/political force or even an organization that was to have silenced Bush, Rove, Cheney, Condi Rice and Bill Crystal, and other regressives on the project for the new American century? What if?

Because Manifest Destiny’s Child, also known as the US foreign policy, is certain to lead to World War III.

If we want to avoid World War III, if we want to reach 2050 and have something to look back on, then our Darwinian evolutionary pace better pick up. Is it possible that progressives need to borrow a page from the regressive handbook and bring into being a secret organization that creates a cultural/political force that creates the context in which key leaders of the regressive movement are eliminated?

If so, who has the courage, and what are the consequences?

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Davis Fleetwood has worked as a writer/ media consultant for Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign and served as a contributing editorial commentator for The Uptake. His videos have been seen by over 14 million viewers. He has been called “one of the most prominent voices in YouTube politics.” (-You Tube News & Politics chief, Steve Grove) He was a “Best of YouTube, 2007” nomination. His book I Stay In So You Can Go Out, is due out in May from No Cure For That Press, and his first full length feature documentary, MANIFEST DESTINY’S CHILD, is due out on DVD this June.