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Screwed? Jersey Sure!

So here it is, in living color. New Jersey, the Garden State (and the Garden does not include money trees, sadly) is facing the same revenue losses and budget shortfalls that many, many other states are facing.

The madness that is the republican "magic money machine", you know, the one that produces money for schools, roads, cops, firemen, airports, and all manner of other services as well as fighting two wars has caught New Jersey. And Governor Christie is going to let his high-dollar donors "trickle down" their potential tax money into some other place, like say, The Caymans…

The governor said “the watchwords of this budget are shared sacrifice and fairness,” yet his spending plan calls for only modest tax increases on insurers and hospitals, eliminates the film-production tax credit, and halves a tax credit for high-tech businesses.

The battle to ensue is likely to shape up around the so-called millionaire’s tax, a one-year income-tax surcharge on people making more than $400,000 that Mr. Christie vowed not to renew. (Democrats allowed it to lapse in December.) If that surcharge were renewed, it would bring in close to $1 billion.

In his speech, Mr. Christie affirmed his stance on the issue, saying New Jersey’s tax burden was already the nation’s costliest. “Mark my words today: If a tax increase is sent to my desk, I will veto it,” he said.

Wow! How incredibly fair! A Billion dollar source of revenue for the state, paid by folks who live in the state, use it’s resources, call the Garden State home and probably have for years, now get to have that incredible ass-hat Christie let them, nay, permit them with honors to become a "protected class" of tax-payer. One that pays less taxes.

The continuing madness that somehow we can get everything for free is going to somehow end "The Noble Experiment" when we all start learning Mandarin because the fucking politicians can’t face paying for what they promise, and what we need to survive is paid for by our Chinese Overlords with Walmart coupons.

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Jo Fish

Jo Fish

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