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NY: girlfriend-slashing state senate candidate Hiram Monserrate loses in landslide

Sometimes the people just say they’ve had enough of pols who think they are entitled to a seat even after being expelled after being convicted of violent crimes — in Hiram Monserrate’s case, it was assaulting his girlfriend. It was a blow-out though, with José Peralta winning the special election in Queens for Mr. Monserrate’s former seat.

At the Village Voice, Steve Thrasher has video of supporters that were interviewed. Most out there were for Peralta.

?”This is the final nail in Hiram Monserrate’s coffin, and now we have buried him!” declared City Council member Daniel Dromm in East Elmhurst last night, before newly elected State Senator Jose Peralta addressed his supporters and most of the leaders of the city’s Democratic establishment.

It was a rocky brawl near the end of Jose Peralta’s two to one victory over ousted State Senator Hiram Monserrate for the special election in the 13th Senate District of Queens. Even though Peralta’s victory — with more than 65 percent of the vote — wasn’t even close, it was at times a rough fight in the race’s final hours.

Thrasher notes that there were few Monserrate supporters were demonstrating at the Roosevelt Avenue/Jackson Heights stop on the subway, including women like Wendy Haffee. This  is insane.

Wendy Haffee, who said she used to support Peralta, was supporting Monserrate because “He puts God first, and politics second,” and she said she thought what happened to Karla Giraldo was “exaggerated gossip.”

Gay marriage was very much on the minds of those stumping for both Peralta and Monserrate. In the end, though voters polled 44 to 44 for and against gay marriage in last week’s Sienna poll, Peralta still beat Monserrate by a margin of more than two to one.

And if you think you’ve seen the last of Monserrate, he’s a glutton for punishment; the disgraced lawmaker is going to make a run fo  Peralta’s Assembly Seat, or challenge Peralta again next fall, when he’s up for a full Senate term.


* Village Voice’s UN-believable interview with Hiram Monserrate’s anti-gay ‘spiritual advisor

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