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Make the Democrats Pay for Their Sell-out to Corporate Interests

With Dennis Kucinich’s stunning announcement that he will now support "health insurance" reform, the bill is now completely on the Democratic Party. Obama, their leader, sold the people out years ago to Goldman Sachs. Now Americans should make the Democrats pay for their actions.

Recall that mid-term elections are less than eight months away. Here are some steps that true Progressives can take:

1) acceptance of reality is the first step in making any true change. The reality is that the Democratic Party is little more than another wing of the corporate party and as Obama has shown, not much different from the Republican party except in tone and public relations. Almost nothing has changed for the better under Obama, who ran as an agent of change but who has turned out to be a Trojan Horse for Goldman Sachs, Wall St., and the insurance companies.

Indeed, Obama has shown that his true enemy is progressivism and he will not stop at any measure to undermine its proponents. Under intense pressure from the White House, Kucinich’s shocking capitulation and volte-face was mirrored weeks earlier in the capitulation of Democrats like Russ Feingold.


(A.) was one of only 12 Democratic Senators who voted against Bernie Sanders one-time bailout ($250) to Social Security recipients, a measure of help offered to the elderly since this year will be the first ever in which no COLA adjustment will be given to them. "Liberals" like Levin, Bennett, Feinstein, and Udall joined Feingold in a vote against the poor and the elderly.

(B.) Feingold also did NOTHING when the Patriot Act was extended without debate and without a formal vote on it. He (or others like Al Franken or Bernie Sanders) could have at least asked for a voice vote. Not a single Senator asked for a voice vote or called for debate. Any Senator who really and truly opposed the extension of some of the worst features of the Patriot Act could have pulled a "Jim Bunning" since the bill’s features would have expired in three days time. Precisely no one in the Senate stood up for the Constitution.

2) the Democratic party should not be supported in any form. No money for them, their candidates and their causes. Don’t work for them, don’t walk precincts for them, don’t telephone for them, don’t lick envelopes for them or their allies.

3) vote against BLUE DOGS and vote against people like Harry Reid. Reid should be our number one target in November because he is the head of the monster that the Senate has turned into. If you live in Nevada, vote against him. If you don’t vote in Nevada, donate money to his opponent, even though that opponent might be a Republican. Getting Reid out will send a message to the Democrats and will at least force a change in Senate leadership.

4) support existing third parties (like the Greens) in preference to the Democrats.

5) court action will be the final place for resistance to ObamaCare. It should be supported by Progressives. Challenges to ObamaCare should be brought in courts: especially the bill’s mandate provisions. I believe there is a high likelihood that ObamaCare will ultimately be found to be unconstitutional.

I’m amending my original diary to add some late-breaking news. The state of Idaho is the first to sign a law requiring the state of Idaho to sue the federal government if residents are forced to buy insurance. Similar measures are pending in 37 other states. While many constitutional law experts will probably say this is a no-go (given the federal preemption doctrine), if there is significant opposition from the states, that will have an influence on the Supreme Court which obviously is also at loggerheads with the Obama administration. What this also does is to further politicize ObamaCare and holds out the opportunity for opponents (from the right AND the left) to use the courts and state governments as a means to counter the increasingly centralized government we see in Washington, D.C. Within 40 minutes of the above story being posted, there are more than 1440 comments on it, most vilifying ObamaCare. People are not going to forget this, ever and the people will vote against ObamaCare.

6) concentrate our actions on the state and local levels. Building alternative parties-structures begins there.

7) long-term thinking should be made to challenge Obama in 2012 by way of primary or other means. If Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate, support him in preference to Obama. If Ralph Nader runs again, support him. Nader is perhaps the only person in America who saw what was coming in America and fought against it. For that, he has been mercilessly vilified, especially by Democrats who without basis in fact, try to pin Gore’s loss to W in 2000 on him.

Obama is an enemy to progressives and progressive causes as he has clearly shown throughout his sellout of single payer and the public option. He cannot be trusted in any fashion. Nor can the party that he leads be trusted. They have sold out the American people.

8) Blue Dogs and their ilk should face primary challenges from progressives. If the progressives lose those challenges, they should then run (as 3rd party candidates) against the Blue Dogs. That the primary route is effective is shown by its embrace by Rahm and the White House as a tool AGAINST progressives (led by, of all groups, Moveon).

9) We need to "out" allies of the Democrats like Kos and Nate Silver and Moveon. These people/groups are little more than fronts for the party (and in Kos’s case, an agency). Don’t support them, don’t visit their websites (you give them money if you do). If you are a fan of polls, give "30 pieces of Silver" up for which is professional, nonpartisan and nonprofit. Get your news from a source that tells it like it is. Read Glenn Greenwald on a daily basis.

10) elections and election law must be changed, especially the way candidates receive money. It is obvious now that almost all of our politicians are corporate whores, bought and paid for by big business. We need public financing for all candidates. Recall that it was Obama who turned down public funding.

11) we need to get people involved in the political process who are currently not. We especially need to change the type of people we have running for office. Out with the professional politicians. In with the likes of Michael Moore and Jane Hamsher. They in turn must show the courage of conviction to step forward and run for office. Otherwise, real change will never occur.

None of the above will be easy. It will take lots of time and effort. There will be many setbacks and losses. But if we continue to look only to the Democrats for change, we will be disappointed as we have been in health care reform.

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