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Spain 1 million electric or hybrid cars by 2014! England, 25,000 electric charging stations by 2015! France, Portugal, Denmark, Israel all getting in on the action!

Spain aims to have 1 million electric or hybrid cars on the road by 2014
(though it hasn’t specified how many of each). Britain is trying to persuade Japanese automaker Nissan to make its Sunderland plant the European base for its little electric car the Leaf, and London plans to have 25,000 charging stations hooked up to the grid by 2015. France has put big money into building a countrywide network of charging stations, as well as a plant to produce electric-car batteries. Not to be left out, Portugal is gearing up to be one of the first markets for Renault-Nissan’s electric cars in 2011.

Denmark. The biggest Danish power company has partnered with a California start-up company, Better Place, to build a nationwide grid to support electric cars, composed of thousands of charging poles in towns and cities and service stations along highways where depleted batteries can be swapped for fresh ones on long trips.

Just as importantly, the Danish government is firmly behind the project. Late last year, it promised not to impose the normal vehicle-registration tax of 180% on electric cars until 2012 — a tax break of at least $40,000 for early buyers — and to provide drivers with free parking in downtown Copenhagen. Not only that, but the company has signed a deal with Renault to supply 100,000 cars — the company’s new Fluence ZE model — to Denmark and Israel by 2016.,8599,1960423,00.html

I want America to give the GM Volt a $40,000 tax credit and free parking do not tell me its Politically impossible for America! Are you saying we can’t even match Denmark!

! I want Obama to stop wasting money giving foreign companies Nuclear Reactor Contracts and start building Wind Power with American Companies Now!

Wind is Cheaper, Cleaner the Fuel is Free, and the Tax Payer won’t get stuck paying for a wind power accident.

Private free market insurance still won’t insure Nuclear Plants at a rate the Nuclear Plants will make any money. That right there should tell all the Free Market People in Washington something.
Next isn’t Government Spending suppose to be spent to Stimulate our Economy?

Spain a country how much smaller and poorer than us wants a million electric or Hybrid cars by 2014? The idea that America could do that with the GM Volt is apparently considered so Fantastic and Impossible that I never got many comments on these Diaries.

Guess What America the Future is Green, but its in Europe and with all of Europe going Hybrid or Electric oil demand will drop.

The price of energy and the cost of doing business cheaper power, less pollution related healthcare costs, less money taken out of the economy spent on foreign oil and instead spent in the local economy all those benefits which we could have had will now go to Europe unless we do something now.

Wind power provided 19.7 percent of electricity production and 24.1% of capacity in Denmark in 2007[1], a significantly higher proportion than in any other country.[2] Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s, and today almost half of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas.[3]

My Bold

America is falling behind Denmark’s government backed Vestas Wind Systems and now they own about half the market. We need that kind of thinking here.
Forget Free Markets they failed to keep our lead in Solar and Wind Power. They failed to give us cheaper and better Healthcare than Europe’s Government Healthcare has.
Deregulation of the Airlines Yeah Right! that worked the Financial Blogs have a joke Whats the best way to make a small fortune in the Airline business? Start with a large fortune.
In America we barely prop up our private rail industry in Europe, Japan and China the Government invests serious cash in it and they not us all got high speed trains and now China wants to bid on high speed train contracts here.

At the end of 2009, the installed capacity of wind power in the United States was just over 35,000 megawatts (35 GW),[2][3] making it the world leader ahead of Germany. Wind power accounts for about 1.9% of the electricity generated in the United States

My Bold Wind is 1.9% of total power generated in America vs 24.1% of power generated in Denmark. We have a bunch of catching up to do.

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