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FDL Raises over $12,000 for Kucinich

Goal Thermometer In response to the all-out attack on Dennis Kucinich for standing by his word, FDL yesterday raised $12,000 from readers who support his position.

The rest of the progressives in Congress are little more than paper tigers, issuing idle threats they abandon the minute corporate America snaps its fingers.  And the veal pen outfits who somehow forget that they urged Dennis (and others) to make those promises, whose coffers are suddenly flooded with money flowing down from robber barons who stand to make billions if they whip from the “left,” are reduced to complete incoherence.

Last night Michael Moore thanked Dennis for being true to his word on Countdown:

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL:  The only eloquent voice I have heard in opposition, in actual political voting opposition to this bill — is from Dennis Kucinich, where the President went to his district today to try and change his mind.  Dennis Kucinich criticism coming from the left,p oint by point, knocking down Democratic talking points — what would you say to Congressman Kucinich in the vote that he faces at this point?

MICHAEL MOORE:  Thank you.  Thank you. One out of 435 is standing up for the 300 million.  How truly sad is that.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: When the vote comes, if he’s the decisive vote, would you tell him to go practical in the end?

MICHAEL MOORE:  No I would not.  If I was a member of Congress, I would say, I may vote for it, if President Obama you’ll stand in front of the camera and tell the American people that this doesn’t really cover pre-existing conditions for the next 4 years.  And the insurance companies are still going to be able to make outrageous profits, and they are going to be able to deny people care once they have insurance.  Tell the people the truth of these things, and then we’ll vote for the things that are great about the bill.

Lawrence O’Donnell framed the question poorly, assuming that a vote for this bill is “going practical.”  Moore I think responded to the question of “would he vote for the bill,” period.  But O’Donnell assumes that voting for this bill is “going practical.”

It’s not.  It will flood unregulated corporate monopolies with money by forcing people to buy a product they don’t want, money they will use to further game the political system for their own benefit.  Rather than cut medical costs, it will pour concrete into the system and guarantee they can’t be reduced.  There’s nothing practical about this bill.

Please thank Dennis Kucinich by donating to his campaign. Because lord knows, PhRMA won’t.

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