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Early Morning Swim: Michael Moore Defends Dennis Kucinich on Countdown

Dennis is getting the full-court press.

Obama invited Kucinich and undecided Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) to the ultimate pressure cooker as he tries to nail down a majority for his top domestic priority.

What was said at 35,000 feet is anyone’s guess, and Kucinich is — for once — not talking. The president talked one on one with Kucinich aboard Air Force One on the flight, a White House spokesman said. But Obama’s onetime presidential rival just smiled as he walked across the tarmac upon arrival in his home state.

“I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say,” Kucinich said. A spokesman in his D.C. office said the congressman was politely declining all requests for interviews today.

But there was a public hint of the kind of pressure he is under. When Obama introduced Kucinich at his rally in Strongsville, in the congressman’s suburban Cleveland district, someone in the audience called out, “Vote yes.”

Obama, not missing a beat, turned to his traveling partner. “Did you hear that, Dennis?” he asked.

Wonder why Blanche Lincoln or Joe Lieberman never get this kind of treatment.

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