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I would like to run for Congress as a true FDL “firedog”

Hi, I’m Jason, and I would like to be the next member of congress from the NY-14th

Currently the district is taken up by an empty shirt, Carolyn Maloney.

"But she’s a progressive!"

Yeah, in name only. She voted yes on the first house bill that had the Stupak amendment in it, not very progressive. She’s also a firm yes on the current HCR bill, which has no PO in it, going against the letter she signed.

She’s also supposedly a leader on women’s rights, but I haven’t heard her up there fighting Stupak over his language.

My main problem, is while she calls herself progressive, she doesn’t actually do anything. Where is she on TV fighting for this? When the last time you actually remember seeing her on TV fighting for this? Where has she been?

So I would like to replace her, as an Independent (I would never register Dem) candidate for the US congress.

I just don’t know how. I have absolutely 0 experience when it comes to something like this. But hell, look at some of the people in congress, if they can get elected, so can I.

So I guess what I’m looking for is a place to start. From what I understand the filing deadline isn’t till 9/14

But that’s really all I know about it all.

If anyone wants to ask me anything about my issues, feel free.

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