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Daily Health Care News – 3/15/10


Democratic leaders say health bill will pass Washington Post

Democratic leaders scrambled Sunday to pull together enough support in the House for a make-or-break decision on health-care reform later this week, expressing optimism that a package will soon be signed into law by President Obama despite a lack of firm votes for passage.

Obama officials confident health bill will pass House this weekLA TImes

Senior White House officials predicted Sunday that President Obama’s healthcare initiative would pass the House this week and warned Republicans that if they made it an issue in November elections, they did so at their own political peril.

Millions Spent to Sway Democrats on Health CareNew York Times

The yearlong legislative fight over health care is drawing to a frenzied close as a multimillion-dollar wave of advertising that rivals the ferocity of a presidential campaign takes aim at about 40 House Democrats whose votes will help determine the fate of President Obama’s top domestic priority.


Universal health care tends to cut the abortion rateWashington Post

Countless arguments have been advanced for and against the pending bills to increase health-care coverage. Both sides have valid concerns, which makes the battle tight. But one prominent argument is illogical. The contention that opponents of abortion should oppose the current proposals to expand coverage simply doesn’t make sense.

Did the House just release its reconciliation package?Ezra Klein

Nope. The bill on the House Budget Committee’s web site that’s being called the reconciliation bill is not the reconciliation bill, or at least not what people mean when they talk about the reconciliation bill. It’s the bill that will become the reconciliation bill. You see this occasionally in the House and Senate, where the oddities of the rules occasionally make it useful to put a new bill in the hollowed-out shell of an old bill.

Top Insurance Lobbyist Says Industry Won’t Point Fingers, Then Blames Hospitals For Higher PremiumsThink Progress

During the AHIP’s insurance conference on Tuesday, AHIP President and CEO Karen Ignagni claimed that health insurers were “very concerned about insurance premiums and the trajectory” of health care spending and promised that the industry remained committed to controlling costs. “We understand that begins also with us. So we are fully committed to cost containment,” Ignagni said.

(compiled for Health Care for America Now)

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