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CO-Sen: Bennet/Romanoff Matchup Not Decided

Public Policy Polling finishes off their look at the Colorado Senate race by polling the Democratic primary between appointed Sen. Michael Bennet and former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, and finds a tight race:

In the Democratic Senate contest Michael Bennet leads Andrew Romanoff 40-34. Support in this race may end up having to do more with personalities than ideology, as there’s no real divide in support along liberal/moderate lines for now. Bennet’s up 42-33 with liberals and 40-36 with moderates. Both candidates are pretty well liked by the party electorate. Bennet’s approval is a 57/21 spread with primary voters and Romanoff’s favorability comes down at 45/15. The one place where there is a clear division is along racial lines. Bennet’s up 42-34 with whites while Romanoff has the 42-31 advantage with Hispanics.

For now this is a real race, but it remains to be seen whether Romanoff can compete with Bennet financially and his ability to do so will have a lot to do with whether he can win over the quarter of voters who are undecided.

Bennet’s approval rating would suggest that he’s in good shape, but Romanoff has a chance as well if he can muster enough support. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and the President have already backed Bennet, so Romanoff will have a headwind.

The primary challenge has already led Bennet to embrace reform of Senate rules like the filibuster, as well as lobbying reforms.

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David Dayen

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