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Help us elect a Bold, Progressive Governor in Minnesota!

We are declaring a moneybomb in honor of State Sen. John Marty  Help us raise $2000 by Midnight, Friday March 19, 2010.

Minnesota was once one of the most progressive states in the US.  However, Governor Tim Pawlenty has destroyed much of that reputation.  Under Mr. Pawlenty, the state budget is practically bankrupt due to massive tax cuts for the rich while state spending has increased during one of the worst economic declines in history.  To balance the budget, Mr. Pawlenty has made cuts and “unallotments” to many state programs including:

  • AIDS prevention and support services
  • Renter's tax credits (they get a refund because the landlord pays the property tax)
  • Schools and education funding–many schools are going to 4-day weeks, leaving working parents with the additional cost of child care for that extra day
  • State-run healthcare programs for the poorest of the poor, and the disabled

Pawlenty has also blocked many LGBT initiatives.  He is on record stating that the only vote he regrets making was the one when he voted FOR Minnesota's version of ENDA, which added sexual orientation and gender identity clauses to the state's non-discrimination policies.  He is a sitting duck governor, and is considering a run for president in 2012.

His replacement

There are 10 DFL (Minnesota's branch of the Democratic Party) candidates running for the party's endorsemnet in the primary.  Some candidates are more progressive than others.  The boldest, and most progressive is Sen. John Marty.  He is a Wellstone-style progressive, and has a bold vision for Minnesota's future.

On Marriage Equality and LGBT rights:

While other candidates in the race have position statements on LGBT Marriage equality and LGBT rights buried on their websites, Sen. Marty mentions it on his campaign flyers used in all parts of the state, not just the areas where it would resonate.  He also introduced SF120, a bill to make legal marriage gender neutral in Minnesota.

On Healthcare:

Sen. Marty aslo designed and authored the Minnesota health Plan, a single payer plan to cover ALL Minnesotans for All their medical needs, including dental, mental health, and addiction services.  His legislation is authored to reform the tax code so the state can meet it's educational and healthcare needs in a way that is fair to working people and families.

On Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform:

Sen. Marty passed groundbreaking legislation for ethical reform in Minnesota, and is a 20-year leader in removing the influence of special interest money from politics.  He is the only DFL candidate who DOES NOT accept money from PAC's and Lobbyists, but relies on individual donations from the public. 

Because John Marty's bold, progressive stance frightens some Minnesotans, they are not confident that he is electable.  They said similar things about Paul Wellstone.

Every candidate talks about change.  Sen. John Marty leads.  Minnesota deserves a bold, progressive governor.  Help us undo the damage that Timmy Pawlenty and the Republithugs have done to Minnesota by clicking on the link and donating to his Act Blue campaign.

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