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Via an article by Blue Texan, this little nugget came to my attention:

That sounded like a smoking gun to House Minority Leader John Boehner, who brought a resolution charging Pelosi may have failed to protect [former U.S. Rep. Eric] Massa’s staffers from more abuse.

"Speaker Pelosi once promised the American people ‘the most open and ethical’ Congress in history, but she has broken that promise," Boehner said.

GOP Pushes Probe Of Disgraced Upstate Pol Eric Massa, Charges Nancy Pelosi Ignored Tip

What Boehner is referring to, of course, is the investigation into whether Massa mistreated his staffers. I’ve largely stayed out of this issue for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that when Eric Massa quit, my interest in the story largely evaporated. Still, as Blue Texan observed, Republicans seem a heck of a lot more interested in investigating the actions of one apparently socially inept congressman than they have been in a whole slew of their own transgressions.

So, let me just make the observation that Blue Texan didn’t – Boehner should count his lucky stars that Nancy Pelosi isn’t all that interested in rooting out misbehavior among elected officials. If she were, this guy and this one would have been ushered out of office three years ago, and possibly to jail. Several of their number in the Congress might have been, as well.

It was also quite clear that Pelosi’s predecessor as Speaker, Denny Hastert, had no interest in investigating Mark Foley. Let’s just say that anyone with the least bit of sense will recognize the hypocrisy and move on. It will be interesting to see how long it takes our DC press to get the idea.

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