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Today, the Washington Post — apparently because there were no members of the Kagan family available — has an Op-Ed from Howell Raines castigating journalists for not calling FoxNews what it is, a right-wing propaganda operation 23:54/7.

This will not set well with alleged media critic Howard Kurtz as it will take away from his Tiger Woods/Eric Massa-related twitter time.

…some say a distinction must be made between Fox’s opinion shows (O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity) and its news programming.

Well, I say this Mr. or Ms. “Some” is a real asshole, which must be why Kurtz respects their opinion.

A distinction between the opinion shows as O’Reilly, Beck, and Hannity and the news programming?

Which is what?

Fox & Friends, where every morning is three hours of agenda setting on right-wing talking points? Where it is a legitimate for interviewees to appear as pimps for faked news stories (no correction for that yet, right?).

Or perhaps it’s just the rest of the “fair” and “balanced” “news” programming, like Megyn Kelly’s finding a broad swath of the public constituted by four white people at a retirement community?

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