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The Courage of avoiding their Convictions

The Ratzinger Brothers set off on a career of upward mobility and being zombies

In addition to parts of the American Catholic Church’s own interesting interpretation of fellowship, the lack of leadership (as opposed to orders) comes from the top.

The guy who enforced silence on allegations of child abuse for the last Pope and then was rewarded by being made Pope has yet another connection to an embarrassment to the Church.

…the liaison between Roman Catholic bishops and the German government, also praised the pope’s brother, the Rev. Georg Ratzinger, for apologizing to victims on Tuesday for doing nothing decades ago to stop the beating of students.

The Ratzinger Brothers were there together at that place for a time.  So, now the laundry list of being present during moral outrages includes serving in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, allowing the beating of children, prostitution, and covering up child abuse. They’ve always taken the BRAVE and MORAL position no matter the risks … as soon as it is convenient and if they get caught.

Are they responsible for all these things? Of course not. Are they to some extent the prisoner of circumstance? Of course. Have they ever actually risked anything to take a moral and upright stand? Not that we know of.

Please begin the canonization process early, so they can catch up to Pius XII.

They can be the Patron Saints of Convenience.

That’s the moral leadership you expect out of a religious leader, y’know like Jimmy Swaggart, John Hagee, or Ali Khamenei.

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