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Late Night: Putting Her Money Where…Wait, Let Me Rephrase That.

Recall, if you will, the whinnying, spluttering hysteria issuing from certain segments of the population after the Nobel Committee bestowed the Peace Prize on President Obama last November? Oh, the roiling Sturm und Drang generated by the misinformed Banshees of Wingnuttia because ZOMG sitting Presidents winning Nobel Prize prizes is unconstitutional and even if they can win, why didn’t Obama know right that very minute to whom he was going to donate his prize, because, you know, you can’t really trust a Muslim black man with all that money!

I’ve been waiting for some time for President Obama to announce what charity or charities will receive the $1.4 million in Nobel prize money awarded him.

just thought I’d put that out there, that some people are actually keep track of the promises, broken promises, and conflicting stories…

Well, today, the White House announced those charities on the receiving end of his Nobel largesse:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to donate the $1.4 million from his Nobel Peace Prize to helping students, veterans’ families and survivors of Haiti’s earthquake, among others, drawing attention to organizations he said “do extraordinary work.”

Obama is giving a total of $750,000 to six groups that help kids go to college. Fisher’s House, which provides housing for families with loved ones at Veterans Administration hospitals, will receive $250,000, the White House said Thursday. And the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, for which two former presidents are raising money to rebuild earthquake-ravaged Haiti, will receive $200,000.

Now let’s take a step back and fondly remember the pledge the de facto Republican candidate for President in 2012 made, back on February 3, 2010, while discussing her $100,000 speaking fee at the Tea Party Convention:

I will not benefit financially from speaking at this event. My only goal is to support the grassroots activists who are fighting for responsible, limited government — and our Constitution. In that spirit, any compensation for my appearance will go right back to the cause.

So, Governor Palin: where is that $100,000 going? And be specific, please — the cameras are rolling. See, some of us are actually “keeping track of the promises, broken promises, and conflicting stories.”

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