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Cynthia Nixon says Fight Back!

When New Yorker Cynthia Nixon says its time to fight back, we say hell yeah!

We’ve written about this elsewhere, but wanted to share it at FDL, too.

Actress, advocate, and all-around awesome Cynthia Nixon recently produced a video supporting Fight Back New York. We need your help getting the word out. Can you repost this video, sign-up at and then let us know you’re fighting back by writing on our fan page?

Yeah, that’s a lot of things we’re asking you to do, but the election to replace Monserrate is only 5 days away.

Fight Back New York has been working around the clock to make sure voters in criminal Hiram Monserrate’s special election know exactly how terrible he is. Convicted of domestic abuse, expelled from the state senate, lingering questions about funneling money to his hand-picked charities, and of course, voting against marriage equality.

Had enough yet? We have. Fight Back.

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