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ABC News Traces Link Between Uganda “Kill the Gays” Bill and American Anti-Gay Movement

ABC Nightline News has a good piece up on the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” Bill and the direct connection to the rabid anti-gay movement in the US.  They focus on Scott Lively- professional gay-hater, holocaust revisionist, and recognized hate group leader from the US who has traveled to Uganda to whip up anti-gay animus in the country, leading to the “anti-homosexuality” bill.  

The report is worth a watch, since it not only shows Lively, but also LGBT Blog Reading Pastor Martin “Show Porn in Church” Ssempa (who we have talked about extensively here on the Blend), as well as crowds in Uganda chanting for death to “homos.”  Keep a listen out for Ssempa comparing being gay to being a terrorist, saying homosexuality is “sexual terrorism.”

Notice how that Leviticus verse that we've talked about pops up on signs?  Ugh.  Much more after the jump…Here's a shorter version with more footage from the ABC nightly News:

It's so heart-wrenching to see gays and lesbians living in Uganda and the danger they face.  It's telling that they can personally trace the surge of anti-gay hate to directly after the American Professional Gay-Haters came to their country.  Even Scott Lively himself describes his visit as:

dropping a nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda.

That nuclear bomb is the death penalty, life imprisonment, and other horrific punishments for not only being gay, but just knowing someone is gay and not “turning them in” and other barbaric practices.

It's also interesting how both Lively and Ssempa are quick to claim “racism” when people try to connect the dots between the American Extremist Movement and the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” Bill.  It basically boils down to arguing over whose idea it was to kill gays and promote mass murder first.

Ssempa and his supporters certainly existed and had these views prior to Lively, Rick Warren, and other American Anti-Gay Activists traveling to Uganda.  What can't be denied, however, is the amplifying effect and rallying cry that these US evangelicals gave them.  It has nothing to do with race to show the connections between the two groups- who share debunked anti-gay “research” and presentations.  Ssempa headlined  events with Lively and Warren in Uganda (as shown by those posters held up by the screaming crowds in the video), so the connection is well documented.

It is a symbiotic relationship of hate, which plenty of blame to go around to all of them.

Perhaps most telling is this tweet from ABC reporter Dan Harris:

Souvenir from the most homophobic place I've ever been.

We need more reports like this- many more reports, with more in-depth looks into the connections and consequences of stirring up such hate towards the LGBT community.  The “Kill the Gays” Bill isn't going away- and it's not the only one being considered or in effect around the globe.  We need to continue to shine a light on these extreme pushes for mass murder against our community.

Let's hope this report is just the beginning.

(h/t Good As You for the video)

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