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Village Voice's UN-believable interview with Hiram Monserrate's anti-gay 'spiritual advisor

Hiram “Slasher” Monserrate, who is running for the New York State Senate seat he was expelled from, after being convicted of misdemeanor assault. He was acquitted of the felony charge slashing her with a broken glass; even though the attack was captured on tape and played in court).

Monserrate’s big claim to fame is his virulent anti-gay stance, a position that is also pimped on behalf of the lawbreaker by Reverend Ricardo Reyes of Corona, Queens. Reyes’s followers have been passing out homobigoted fliers, and Reyes has appeared at press conferences spouting against marriage equality. .The Village Voice’s Steven Thrasher sat down with Reyes and it’s an eye-opening look inside the non-reality based mind of ex-gaydom and denial of the savagery of Monserrate. During the interview, Reyes pulls out an ex-gay prop, a man named Jorge as proof that one can change sexual orientation.

Do you try to make people ‘not gay?’

Not to try to make people not gay, to try free them from whatever confusion they have. Whatever spirit is bothering them.

Do you ever try to make Jorge not gay?


JORGE: When a person is gay, the only way he can be changed is through Jesus. Because, the people who are gay, are not happy. It is an instrument for them to gain money.

To gain money?

REYES: Yes. Because, when you have a partner, or relationship, everything is for one objective. They live a life that is a lie, but when they are alone, they are truly not happy.

WTF? And about Monserrate’s conviction and propensity for violence?

We’ve talked about the Bible and homosexuality. Does the Bible condone violence against women?

Yes, somehow. I condemn that, too. I condemn violence against woman. Against anybody.

Then how can you support Hiram Monserrate who has been convicted of violence against his girlfriend?

One thing is that he has been convicted. I know Hiram. Hiram is not a violent man. He’s not….he’s a peaceable man. With woman, he is very sweet. Very sweet. All the woman speak about that. And I believe Hiram just happened to be something that accuse him and convicted him by the court that he’s innocent. I believe that. If he were not be innocent, I would say the contrary. He is not innocent. But he is innocent. He did not mistreat the woman. It happened that that little video, that’s different. But what I know for him for year, man has done good to 99 percent of the people.

You have to read the rest. This man is the one who is confused. Reyes also rambles on about working in the theatre around gay folks, he just “didn’t have the feeling to participating in it.” Another WTF? He acts as if it’s selecting from a menu at a restaurant.

The question is, will he politically help or hinder Monserrate in his bid to regain his seat through bigotry.

UPDATE: via Towleroad, actress Cynthia Nixon  recorded a video in support of Fight Back NY, the new PAC targeting Monserrate and others who voted against marriage equality in the Empire State.

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