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Richard Shelby Held Up

Remember that Richard Shelby hold? Where he was holding the Senate hostage so Airbus could get a tanker refueling contract?

Well, given that Airbus withdrew from the competition yesterday, I thought it appropriate to see what Shelby has to say about all this…

The Air Force had a chance to deliver the most capable tanker possible to our warfighters and blew it.  This so–called competition was not structured to produce the best outcome for our men and women in uniform; it was structured to produce the best outcome for Boeing.  The Air Force’s refusal to make substantive changes to level the playing field shows that once again politics trumps the needs of our military.

What I’m particularly interested in is Shelby’s accusation that the Air Force blew it.

But they blew it (according to Shelby) without the three Air Force appointees that Shelby placed a hold on.

Fat lot of good it did you, Shelby, huh?

See, not only was Shelby’s little fit obstructive and wasteful, but it didn’t even serve Shelby’s purpose.

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