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Marco Rubio Helpfully Illustrates the Vapidity of Today’s Republican Party

It’s pretty clear Marco Rubio is going to be the Republican candidate for US Senate in Florida. He’s crushing Charlie Crist, who was a popular Republican governor until he had the gall to support a black muslim’s generational theft the stimulus bill, the funds of which Rubio has admitted he would’ve accepted.

Anyway, Byron York’s sickening beat sweetener contains this little nugget about what Rubio thinks are the “central” issues of the times.

For Rubio, that means the economic issues — “national debt, job creation, how our tax code and government spending are discouraging job creation, and entitlement reform.”

This list could’ve been written on Sarah Palin’s hand. Let’s roll the tape, shall we?

The national debt doubled under George W. Bush and tripled under Reagan. George W. Bush had the worst job creation record in 60 years. Taxes are historically low and have been for twenty years.

But Rubio wants to continue the policies that produced all of those outcomes.

And notice: no mention about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and their $4 trillion dollar price tag, and how that’s affecting the deficit. No mention of the spiraling costs of health care, and how that’s bankrupting the country. No mention of the annual $700B bill for “defense.”

Just a vague reference “entitlement reform” — which means “less money for poor and old people.” And of course, Rubio can’t mention Social Security by name in Florida, so he just punts.

What you see in Rubio is what you see with the Republican Party as a whole today — a complete pathological refusal to accept any responsibility for the failures of Republican policies, which produces an utter unseriousness in dealing with the country’s challenges.

It really is the perfect party for Sarah Palin.

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