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Early Morning Swim: Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He’s Voting Against the Senate Health Care Bill on Countdown

Doesn’t he realize that Rahm needs a “win”?

Kucinich’s objections are sincere. And Obama and Pelosi would be wise to listen to them — rather than simply try and “whip” the congressman to vote for legislation that can still be improved.

In particular, Kucinich has demanded that barriers to states developing single-payer “Medicare for All” programs be removed. Kucinich wants Congress to waive existing federal restrictions and to address federal laws that might be interpreted as supporting insurance company suits against states that provide more extensive coverage than is currently proposed by the president.

White House strategists and congressional leaders should know that Kucinich is not an outlier on this issue. The congressman has gained strong support for his practical proposals regarding state-based experimentation with “Medicare for All” initiatives — on key House committees, among members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and from real-reform backers such as the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Progressive Democrats of America and Physicians for a National Healthcare Program.

He doesn’t sound like he’s in the mood to compromise.

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