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Congratulations, Terrance and Rick!

“The next time you see a blog post from me, I should be a legally married man.

~Terrance Heath, “The Republic of T”  

On my first sips of coffee this morning and watching my beloved WCSH6 morning crew, when up pop a very, very familiar face discussing being a bit nervous about his wedding in DC today!

Had to explain to the family just why I was so excited and happy… T is not just another blogger/barista; I am a huge fan of his writings, especially on parenting issues. To the best of my knowledge, he and I are the only barista parents- today’s legal recognition of his FAMILY moves me beyond words.

The piece broadcast this morning was by CNN contributor Brook Hart; I can’t find a clip yet. Phooey; it’s a wonderful piece that includes many other couples (including a couple I recognize from Maine) and I hope it’s available later on.

Got a 280-300 mile drive day planned to start at 7am, so this is a sadly zippety-quick post… but please folks, join me in wishing Terrance and Rick, their family, and all other couples and families getting married in DC all of our best today! 🙂

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