Who’s to blame when situations degenerate? Disgusting things you’d never anticipate

Peter Beinart in 3 Acts…

Act One :We totally need to go into Iraq and kick some fucking ass.

Act Two :You know that time l got all, “America, fuck yeah!” Well… my bad.

Act Three : OMIGAWD! If we leave Iraq real soon things are going to go really badly! Who could have predicted? Not me, that’s who.

…and now the punchline:

In 2007, Beinart left The New Republic to become a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he wrote his second book, The Icarus Syndrome: A History of American Hubris, which Harper will publish in June 2010. In The Icarus Syndrome, Beinart asks why American foreign policy periodically goes berserk, why we fight unwinnable wars in places like Vietnam and Iraq. His answer: too much success is a very dangerous thing.

So is listening to know-nothing out-of-their-depth no-skin-in-the-game ass-clowns like Peter Beinart.

No. That probably won’t be in the book…

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