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Lisa Miller Pal/ CWA Member Linda Wall: A Modern Day Harriet Tubman??

Yep- you read it right!

From WSET in Lynchburg VA:


Friends of Lisa Miller say they don’t know where she and her seven-year-old daughter are, but they say they support her decision to leave.

A Vermont court ordered Miller’s ex-partner Janet Jenkins custody of their daughter in May, and now it’s been six months since Miller’s friends say they’ve had any contact with her.

It was January 1 when Linda Wall said she knew for sure her friend Miller and her seven-year-old daughter Isabella had gone into hiding.

“Unbeknowing to any of us… she was doing something behind the scene,” Wall said.

Well, not exactly true… but let’s continue.

Wall has known the mother and daughter since 2004. She had been getting involved as a conservative Christian activist and a self described “former homosexual.”

She says about two years ago, she began talking to Lisa Miller about what would happen, if she was ordered to give up custody of Isabella. “Just knowing Virginia law wasn’t going to defend her.”

That school year Miller taught at Liberty Christian Academy. Wall says, while offers came in from as far away as Israel to hide Miller and Isabella, friends say Thomas Road Baptist church didn’t play a part.

“I am supposed to be the number one suspect because I was so involved in this and I don’t know where she is,” Wall said.

The last time Wall says she had contact with Miller was in late September. Up to that point, she believes Miller was working behind the scenes on her escape. It’s a decision they support.

“I do support what she’s done,” Wall said. “When the law is wrong, what’s a person to do?”

Likening the situation to the underground railroad during slavery, “Was it Harriet Tubman who risked her life for the underground railroad for the black community? Maybe I am committed to this for the children I might be that one voice.”

Explain to me why the feds aren’t crawling all through Facebook to find this child and bring her mother, as well as her accomplices, to justice?

h/t Right Wing Watch.

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