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Beenie Man in Rochester, New York on 03/12/10

“Kill LGBT” Performer Beenie Man is scheduled to perform March 12th, 2010 in Rochester, New York at the Water Street Music Hall.

Beenie Man has a long history of writing and singing songs that call for LGBT people to be killed. See the “Dancehall Dossier” at      

In November 2009, Beenie Man had performances canceled for the 2010 “Big Day Out” music festivals in Australia and New Zealand after a Facebook group was set up to oppose Beenie Man's appearance at the festivals.

On December 5, 2009, Beenie Man performed in Kampala, Uganda, at a show sponsored by the local Pepsi bottler. He got worldwide criticism for singing his song “Mi Nah Wallah,” in which he says he would like to cut the throats of all gay men


Venue website is

They might not even be aware of Beenie Man's background. Polite calls would help.

I'm kind of surprised that after the bad publicity of the “Big Day Out” cancellations and the Uganda concert that he would come to the U.S. so soon.

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