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52% of Hispanic Americans, stop/return illegals to their country. Are they racists?

Polls for Maricopa County Arizona(Phoenix) have consistently indicated that Hispanic American,s Support the end of Illegal Immigration by 52%. Are they racists?

It may be that in a capitalist society, like ours, the workers standard of living is destroyed by the corporate tool of illegal immigration.

In Maricopa County Wages for construction workers plummeted as Carpenters went from Approx. $17 an hour with benefits in 1986 to $11 an hour without benefits in 2003. Americans of all races pushed out by A FLOOD of illegal workers.

In a capitalist society as the market improve and more labor is needed, labor has the ability by negotiate better wages/benefits. The flood of illegals gave workers a LOSS in real income over the last 20 years of prosperity, as corporate profits soared. The American worker now threatened with outsourcing at home.

I see Obama is now pushing amnesty as his "sole attention issue" . If you want to give the Republicans the biggest gift ever- Put 12-20 million Illegals on an even footing for jobs with 20% real unemployment. I have got to see this.

P.S The 52% American Hispanics are not racists, just Americans.

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