We Need a Three Million Person March on DC for Single Payer Now!

It’s now time IMO that we move away from being just Kb commandos folks and do what people have done for time immemorial when they want something bad enough, we need to put our bodies on the line for it! If we want REAL reform not the BIG CORP. sell out were all witnessing taking place right now in Congress then we need to get to DC and we need to get directly in the faces of our Reps. and this President who PROMISED us HOPE and CHANGE. It’s now obvious we’ll only get it if we make them aware that were prepared to demand it and take action to get it. Back in the last century people organized and built huge Labor orgs. to demand and win Worker’s Rights and they marched for and won Women’s rights and the Rights of Minorities and later they marched to stop an unjust and destructive War. These battles were long and they were difficult but they were largely successful. If we want a REAL Health Care system that we all can be proud of one that will actually REFORM the present corrupt and unjust system, then we need to if need be shut down DC and if necessary shut down every Capital of every State in this country. This is a time for Revolutionary action nothing less will get us what we want. Will we be opposed? YES! The CORPORATIST will use everything at their disposal to try and stop this movement, but if we stand steadfast we will win because we REPRESENT what the great majority of Americans want and we know it! However, we’ll NEVER ever get to this goal on these BLOGS and websites. They are what they are, places to rally and to share our thoughts but in the end its BOOTS on the ground that win Wars and Struggles for Rights! This is a Struggle for a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. Nobody in this country should have to DIE because they cannot afford decent Health Care! Nobody should have to go bankrupt because they need decent health care! Nobody should have to BEG for what should be and is in many nations as much a HUMAN RIGHT as speech or religious belief. Instead, we have a system that allows the worst predators in the society ( The Insurance Industry and Wall st.) to play us all off against each other and allow these criminals to BUY our Representatives to that end. Its ONLY going to stop if we GO directly to these centers of power with millions and demand over and over that we GET what we deserve a TRUE SINGLE PAYER or a NAT’l Health System that covers every man, women and child from birth to death.


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