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Feingold: Don’t Try KSM In A Military Commission

Via Greg Sargent, the Senate’s most committed civil libertarian, Russ Feingold, calls on the President not to give in to Republican fearmongering and to hold the KSM trial as scheduled, in an Article III court:

“We have a great track record of successfully trying and convicting terrorists in civilian courts. The military commission system is largely untested, and these cases could easily get bogged down in years of legal challenges. The best way to bring these terrorists to justice swiftly is through our civilian courts.”

There is so much clear evidence supporting Feingold’s statement, many of which has been USED by Justice Department officials and their allies, including the Attorney General. If the Administration turns their back on all of this, “cowardly” would be the most charitable description.

As Sargent notes, only Feingold is out with a statement on the Washington Post report today. Dianne Feinstein and Patrick Leahy, who have publicly urged a criminal trial in the recent past, have said nothing today. The relative timidity of virtually the entire Democratic establishment in the face of baseless and hypocritical Republican attacks laid the ground for this reversal. They still have a victim’s mentality on national security issues.

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David Dayen

David Dayen