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Delusional Collusion – Roy Ashburn's closet was protected by newspapers, local gays

WTF is wrong with these self-loathing gays? That at least two California newspaper knew and didn’t say that State Senator Roy Ashburn is gay is almost par for the course; after all, Rep. David Dreier’s open secret is safe with local media.

But how could all the guys partying with him at Faces, the bar Ashburn apparently frequented and was arrested not far from for DUI with an “unidentified man” in the car? Other homo-collusionists were obviously not perturbed by the lawmakers 100% anti-gay voting record. What does it take for some of our people to get the hint that this is NOT OK. (Joe. My. God):

The Californian decided that Ashburn’s sexuality wasn’t “relevant.”  The unnamed Sacramento paper apparently did too and never published. To recap: It’s not relevant that a state politician with a 100% rating from an anti-gay group is gay himself.   Can you fucking BELIEVE that?    And it turns out that the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento has known about Ashburn for a long time.

Christopher Cabaldon, the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento told KOVR he has spotted Senator Ashburn at gay hot spots a number of times.  According to Project Vote Smart, Ashburn’s has consistently voted against gay rights legislation including no on recognizing out of state same-sex marriages, no on creating a state recognized Harvey Milk Day, and no on expanding anti-discrimination laws.   “To live a secret life and at the same time be attacking the people who you’re one of but are too ashamed to admit, that’s hypocrisy,” said Cabaldon to KOVR CBS 13.

That hypocrisy apparently didn’t bother Mayor Cabaldon enough to actually fucking say something. And you know that if Cabaldon knew, many other queers in Sacramento knew. If I lived in West Sacramento, I’d want to have a long angry talk with my mayor.

This is heinous. That Ashburn was dragged out of his unlocked-padlocked closet to the rest of us is a major problem here. Well when Ashburn was asked about his sexual orientation, perhaps his answer gives us a clue about the political culture of apathy of the gay community where the bloodshot-eyed, state vehicle-driving drunk legislator likes to cruise.

“Why would that be anyone’s business? Including The Californian‘s? “I think there are certain subjects that are simply not relevant and this is one of them. It has no bearing on the job I do.”

Even with a 100% anti-gay voting record, along with organizing family values demonstrations to protect the sanctity of marriage. Something is really f*cked up out there in Sacramento.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding